In March of 2018 I decided to take an online film course. I had been following film photographers on Instagram for awhile and I was drawn to their images and the aesthetic. I hadn’t shot any film since high school, where we developed our own film and prints in the dark room. To be honest, I wasn’t completely hooked right away. It took me awhile to learn to expose properly (a good light meter REALLY helped) and to let go of perfection. But after shooting quite a few rolls and learning which film stocks I gravitated towards, it’s been a game-changer in photography.

Film has allowed me to breathe while shooting. With film you can’t sit there and rapid fire off a bunch of frames (I suppose you could, but it would be quite costly). I learned to be more intentional about what I was shooting. It taught me to slow down and wait for a good moment. It also has allowed me to embrace the imperfections. Sometimes there’s an eye blink, sometimes I miss focus, but many times the “mistakes” made on film are beautiful. And, waiting for your film scans to come back from the lab is like waiting for Christmas morning. It is very exciting EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

While I love shooting film, I’m not quite ready to bring it into client work. But my goal is to one day bring my love of film into my family sessions. Until then, I will just share some personal film images that make my heart happy.