Photo by  Shelby Vercelli

Hi, I’m Mallery!

I’m the tall mama behind the camera. I live in the East Valley of the Phoenix area with my high school beau and our two little kiddos. The desert is my happy place. It took living in California for nearly 6 years to make me really appreciate the Arizona landscape. There is nothing quite like an Arizona sunset.

Photography, for me, is both a method of documenting life and an artistic expression. I love to capture families (including my own), as we are ever changing. There are different seasons of life with constant change and I believe it is so important to document each moment. I want my images to evoke feelings that bring back memories of times together in various stages of life.

In the last year I have taken up shooting film in my personal work. Film allows me to slow down and shoot with intention, as well as to embrace the imperfections. The beautiful color and nostalgic feel that film portrays has me reaching for it again and again. I hope to one day incorporate it into my client work.

Aside from my love of photography, I quite enjoy reading, spending time outdoors, attempting the gym, dancing when no one is watching, enjoying the company of family and friends, and strolling the Desert Botanical Gardens. Nothing is better than hearing my kiddos belly laugh or the feel of their little hands in mine. I have been known to go on a social media hiatus for long periods of time, which I strongly encourage. And I believe gratitude brings happiness, that we are stronger together, and that grace should be given lavishly. With that, thank you for taking the time to visit my site and to learn a little more about me.